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Did you know that Lexington, Kentucky is known as the "Horse Capital of the World"? How about the fact that 95 percent of all bourbon is distilled, aged and bottled right here in Kentucky’s bourbon country? These and other fun facts about Kentucky give you some idea of how unique the Bluegrass State really is. There’s only one Kentucky, and we’re spreading the word.

Learn more fun facts about Kentucky and start planning your next trip to the Bluegrass State!

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Mammoth Cave National Park was established to preserve the cave system, including Mammoth Cave, the scenic river valleys of the Green and Nolin rivers, and a portion of the hilly country of south central Kentucky.
The Monte Cassino Chapel is the world’s smallest church, measuring only six by nine feet! The chapel was originally built in 1878 by Benedictine monks at the Monte Cassino monastery, named after the Benedictines’ original monastery in Italy.
The Muhammad Ali Center is a cultural attraction and international education center that is inspired by the ideals of its visionary founder Muhammad Ali.
Located within the historic factory building of the American Printing House for the Blind (APH), this unique award-winning museum offers visitors an experience in hands-on history.
Admire the beautiful grounds of My Old Kentucky Home in the 39-site campground. Open year round.
Only formal Sharkray breeding program in the world. Visitors may see the sharkrays as they swim with sharks and other aquatic life in the large tanks.
Since 1981, the NCH has attracted Corvettes from all over the US and Canada. It is the annual gathering and celebration for Corvettes of all years to return home to Bowling Green. Corvette owners can network, learn, trade and join in friendly competition and other exciting activities.
This 115,000 sq. ft. showcase to America's sports car features more than 70 Corvettes. Visit the mid-century barbershop and service station, or make a stop on old Route 66 to see the cars that shaped our country's history.
Enjoy quilts and the stories they tell at this 30,000-square foot museum Expanding the Vision, Advancing the Art! Changing vibrant fiber exhibits showcase more than 150 superb contemporary, miniature and antique quilts. Lobby features quilt patterned stained glass windows and a gift and bookshop. Don’t forget to check out the many quilt shops in Kentucky as well.
On weekends Cut-Thru Adventures offers canoeing, paddle boating, tubing, as well as a paintball field. They also offers a picnic area and full service kitchen featuring specialty hamburgers and hotdogs with homemade chili. So, for a day of fun, consider having a picnic at the Cut-Through and plan for an enjoyable day of lush scenery and outdoor adventure.
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